It was everybody into the pool after Hugo Chavez took over the ranch of a former U.N. Security Council president who's been critical of the dictator.

Hugo Chavez’s Expropriation Binge

Socialism: After 12 years in power and $960 billion in oil earnings, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is down to stealing private swimming pools to bring the good life to Venezuela’s “poor.” It’s a new milestone on his road to ruin. Acting like Robert Mugabe on cocaine, Venezuela’s dictator went on a,_Wladimir_Iljitsch_Lenin.jpg

Five Ways Lenin’s Propaganda Destroyed Marriage And The Family In Russia

MONICA SHOWALTER 10/23/2013 Eighth In A SeriesPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 Part 7 ‘The success of a revolution,” V.I. Lenin declared at the first all-Russian conference of working women in 1918, “depends on how much women take part in it.” And based on his writings, there was little

White House Encourages Illegals Because It’s All About The Votes

6/17/2014 Politics: As aliens pour over the border by the thousands, President Obama honors illegals at the White House — as good a sign as any that, for him, encouraging illegal immigration is all about securing Democrat votes. Despite Vice President Joe Biden’s taking time from his World Cup schedule for

A “Nudge” To Tyranny

8/01/2013 Government: In a bid to make Americans do “what’s good for them,” Obama administration social engineers have come up with a “Nudge” program to manipulate public choices. This won’t end well. According to a report by Fox News, the federal government is hiring a “behavioral insights team” to study ways

For Obama, Castro Has A Ship Of Fools

3/03/2015 Diplomacy: As Paris Hilton whooped it up with Havana’s princelings to applaud U.S.-Cuba ties, Colombia detained a Chinese ship full of illegal weapons bound for Cuba in what may be a new violation of U.N. sanctions. Castro is playing us for fools. Even though tourism remains illegal for Americans in