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It was everybody into the pool after Hugo Chavez took over the ranch of a former U.N. Security Council president who's been critical of the dictator.

Hugo Chavez’s Expropriation Binge

Socialism: After 12 years in power and $960 billion in oil earnings, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is down to stealing private swimming pools to bring the good life to Venezuela’s “poor.” It’s a new milestone on his road to ruin. Acting like Robert Mugabe on cocaine, Venezuela’s dictator went on a

White House Encourages Illegals Because It’s All About The Votes

6/17/2014 Politics: As aliens pour over the border by the thousands, President Obama honors illegals at the White House — as good a sign as any that, for him, encouraging illegal immigration is all about securing Democrat votes. Despite Vice President Joe Biden’s taking time from his World Cup schedule for

A “Nudge” To Tyranny

8/01/2013 Government: In a bid to make Americans do “what’s good for them,” Obama administration social engineers have come up with a “Nudge” program to manipulate public choices. This won’t end well. According to a report by Fox News, the federal government is hiring a “behavioral insights team” to study ways

For Obama, Castro Has A Ship Of Fools

3/03/2015 Diplomacy: As Paris Hilton whooped it up with Havana’s princelings to applaud U.S.-Cuba ties, Colombia detained a Chinese ship full of illegal weapons bound for Cuba in what may be a new violation of U.N. sanctions. Castro is playing us for fools. Even though tourism remains illegal for Americans in

Mugabe First To U.N. Trough In Global Warming Shakedown

2/16/2016 Corruption: Zimbabwe tyrant Robert Mugabe is asking the United Nations for $1.5 billion a year to feed his people, who he says are hungry due to global warming. The looting begins. About a year ago, we said that the global warming scare is not about stewardship of the environment.


Putin’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Tour

7/17/2014 Geopolitics: Vladimir Putin blew through Latin America last week, handing out goodies to anti-U.S. regimes. But he insists he doesn’t want to reopen an old spy base in Cuba, which we find disingenuous. The scope of the Russian president’s visit took the U.S. by surprise. Instead of just attending

Miss Venezuela

Venezuela: The Killing Fields Of Caracas

Socialism: Quick, what’s the murder capital of the world: Kabul? Juarez? Try Caracas, Venezuela, a city whose dictator, Hugo Chavez, has made murder a means of extending his control. The silent protest at Monday night’s Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas was invisible to nearly everyone — except Venezuelans. On

Che CD case

Targeting Che

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 12/13/2006 Target, the retailer that distinguished itself last year by banning Salvation Army bell-ringers, has topped itself this yuletide by selling Che Guevara CD cases for a little tyrant-chic right under your tree. The big box retailer has jumped onto the Guevara bandwagon, selling the murderous