Democrats’ worst nightmare about Kanye West just came true

Kanye WestIt’s happening.  Suddenly, a lot of young black men aren’t all in for the Democrats anymore.

Black men’s approval for Donald Trump has absolutely doubled, according to a new Reuters poll, and his overall support among blacks has risen sharply.  This seismic shift just happens to coincide with rap superstar Kanye West’s break with the Hollywood left, coupled with his open admiration for Donald Trump.

Did Trump Hack North Korea’s Failed Missile Launch?

North KoreaWith the pathetically humiliating failure of North Korea’s missile launch in the wake of a very big puffy buildup, the shark tank must be working overtime over in Pyongyang. You wouldn’t want to be one of the North Korean minions who worked on that wretched fizzle-out that has humiliated the vicious little dictator on the world stage. He gets mean when the world is laughing.

Yes, Chilean Personal Retirement Accounts Work

Chile flagIn 2012, the Chilean government invited a group of journalists to the South American country to show off its innovations — language programs, new uses for llama fur, greenie aquaculture, microfinance, quake-proof skyscrapers and the world’s most powerful telescope.


A Creepy, Coercive Turn For Campus Protest

Boston massacreAs campuses erupt with protests and the TV cameras pan the crowds, an informal survey among the IBD editorial board members finds that pretty much every college student we know of is so busy studying that he or she has no time for or interest in protesting, no matter what the cause. To the Alinskyites, that’s unacceptable.